Personalized Custom Portfolios

Our Argus team can create a custom portfolio to meet your individual needs. Argus offers these solutions directly to clients or as a sub-advisor for Financial Advisors.


Argus manages custom portfolio solutions for Individuals, Families, Corporations and Non-Profit Organizations. Our experienced investment professionals will assemble and manage a diversified portfolio of individual stocks, bonds or other assets to meet a client’s desired investment objective and risk profile.


The Portfolio Management team continually reviews positions and ratings and makes decisions on which sectors to emphasize and which stocks to include in defined portfolios. The Portfolio Management team utilizes modern portfolio theory and actively manages timely ideas from the award-winning team of Argus Research analysts to produce portfolio outcomes along the risk/reward spectrum.


Argus offers custom managed solutions to a spectrum of clients, from more conservative investors seeking asset preservation and above-average income to risk tolerant investors who seek innovative stock investments or have no current income requirements and can afford to take long-term risks. Our consistent investment approach, low turnover and clear strategy make our portfolio management service the clear and economical choice for our numerous clients.


Please contact Richard at (646) 747-5439 or to explore how Argus can become your investment partner.

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