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Equity Investment Strategies

U.S. Dividend Growers

The Argus U.S. Divided Portfolio seeks to deliver above-average returns through a combination of stock appreciation and dividend income. Our investment strategy focuses on a diverse range of stocks that have consistently demonstrated superior rates of dividend growth and a high degree of dividend safety. This portfolio is ideally suited for investors who prefer lower risk and are primarily interested in long-term capital growth.

Core Equity

The Argus Core Equity Portfolio is composed of financially strong, diversified companies that are at the forefront of their respective industries. We employ a counter-momentum rebalancing approach to leverage industry and stock rotation, ensuring continued diversification. This portfolio is actively managed to thrive in both growth and value market cycles, all within a framework of moderate risk.


The Argus ESG Portfolio selects diversified companies that make a positive ‘sustainable impact’ on the environment, workplace, and community. Argus selects dividend-paying stocks with a market cap exceeding $10 billion that have been awarded a top ESG rating by JUST Capital Inc.  The U.S. ESG Portfolio is an excellent choice for investors whose primary goal is long-term capital appreciation, with current income as a secondary objective. The portfolio is designed for risk-tolerant investors who are comfortable with the risk of potential changes in the portfolio’s value.

Growth & Income

The Growth & Income Portfolio focuses on companies that deliver earnings growth on a consistent basis. In pursuit of both earnings growth and dividend growth, the portfolio seeks to be well positioned across the entire market cycle.  This portfolio is designed for investors seeking total return within a framework of moderate risk.


The Argus Innovators Portfolio focuses on innovative companies that are pioneers in their fields, characterized by aggressive R&D investments, groundbreaking patent developments, and state-of-the-art methodologies and management practices. These companies are also recognized for generating a significant portion of their sales from new product launches. This portfolio is designed for investors with a high tolerance for risk who are predominantly focused on long-term capital growth and are prepared to accept fluctuations in portfolio value.

Custom Strategies

Our experienced Portfolio Management team utilizes modern portfolio theory and timely ideas from the award-winning team of Argus Research analysts to assemble and actively manage a diversified portfolio of individual stocks, bonds or other assets to meet a client’s desired investment objective and risk profile.

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