Argus Core Equity Strategy

Argus Core Equity seeks to outperform the S&P 500®, over a full market cycle with lower risk and greater diversification than passive capitalization weighted index strategies.


Argus manages its portfolios to anticipate ever changing market conditions, while other equity market managers construct strategies in response to recent events. Argus manages equity portfolios with the understanding that much of the future market behavior cannot be reliably forecast. Argus Core Equity portfolios are constructed to take advantage of unpredictable markets with ongoing changes in sector and stock rotation by using the following key elements:


  • Broad diversification using uncorrelated revenue streams 

  • Financial strength as a primary stock selection criterion
  • Counter-momentum re-balancing of holdings

  • Independent fundamental research


Process Objectives​

  • ​Predictability: Produce repeatable returns that do not rely on short term forecast of earnings or economic trends.

  • Risk Management: Strict equal weighting and ongoing rebalancing manages individual stock and industry risks.

  • Downside Protection: Maintain true diversification for downside protection in declining market environments.​​

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